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We fish the South Shore of Long Island, centered just north of Jones Inlet.  

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The Style

We will learn to jig.  This is a very effective method .  It uses only 1 hook.  We will use barbless hooks for our initial experience with fishing.  This should eliminate an obvious issue inherent with fishing.  With a barbless hook we only need a bit of antiseptic and a band aid and we are back to fishing.

The Boat

Our vessel is a 21 ft. Bankes Boat.  It is very seaworthy and unsinkable.  We will explore the inland waterways between Atlantic Beach and the Wantagh State Parkway.

The Gear

Your children will use either conventional fishing reels or spinning gear,  It will be light weight and sensitive.  Just what you need to feel and fight the fish.

The Fish

The "CATCH of the DAY" is supposed to be Fluke.  We will probably catch a variety, which may also include Bluefish and Sea Robin.  All three give a fantastic fight.  Catch and Release is the name of the game, but we will take lots of pictures.