This is my world.  It is a slice of Heaven.  Your children can enjoy a piece of it.

Where To Fish

We will explore the bay, learning about the ecosystem that surrounds us.  Our  FP's, "fishing persons", will learn where and when we can expect to find fish on the bay. 

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Improve Your Fishing

Our FP's will learn to seine for bait, dig for clams, bait hooks, set up fishing rigs.  They will learn to "Jig" for  Fluke and perhaps catch some Bluefish or Sea Robbins along the way.

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Fishing Tips

As we fish and learn through the week, I will share tips to improve their skills.  I am certain they will complete the week a more proficient Fishing Person. 

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Our Latest Blog Entry

June 17, 2019

Our first week is booked. Looking forward to a good start.  Openings for week 2 are available.  Will report back with pictures after the trip.  

Our Latest Blog Entry

February 1, 2019

This summer will be my first Kids Fishing Camp.  I have taught many children and adults to catch fish.  I enjoy it, they love it and they leave having developed a skill that will be theirs to enjoy for a lifetime.  I hope also to impress upon the  students the vital importance of this ecosystem and educate them about the rich and stimulating history of this Salt Marsh.  Fishing, exploring the waterways and lunch at the Bay House, will be  a very special classroom. It should provide the children with a valuable and memorable experience.  I hope to fill these 2 weeks with the hope of providing more.  I am looking forward to it!